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What is Franchising

The world is getting smaller and smaller day by day due to technology and people’s aspirations for a global village has changed .today’s global competition ,the globalization of customers and market needs are pressing for more regional economic cooperation. Franchising is an effective and fast way to establish a new business it substantially reduces the gestation period and entrepreneur shall be embarking on the tried and tested products and services. Kayzed Consultants offers comprehensive franchising services for franchisors and franchisees


Grow your business with minimal Capital Investment

  • Increase market penetration and geographical reach
  • Increase market penetration and geographical reach Eliminate day-to-day occupancy costs, payroll and operating expenses which are put under the control of the Franchisee who has a real personal interest in controlling them
  • Reduce Head Office and Field management costs (far fewer people are needed to run a Franchised business)
  • Develop the business with less capital, compared with more traditional methods
  • Reduce, or eliminate, the need to surrender equity or borrow heavily in order to expand the business


  • Marketing Research &Feasibility studies
  • Concept formulation and refinement
  • Develop Franchise Official Circular
  • Develop a business implementation plan
  • Draft legal documents required by law
  • Establish Quality Control mechanism that franchisees will be required to follow Plan your marketing
  • Develop web page dedicated to franchising efforts
  • Develop marketing materials to help sell franchises
  • Design a franchise sales strategy
  • Advertise your franchise opportunity to generate leads


Franchising Benefits

Franchising’s primary benefit is risk minimization. Starting a new business is risky. Most studies show that over 90 % fail within 3 years. The primary reason that the failure rate is so high is because the owners have to go through the learning curve of operating that specific type business. Franchising reduces that curve substantially.

  • Proven business format or method of operation, offering a product or service that has sold successfully.
  • Formal instruction and on-the-job training.
  • Brand recognition /name recognition
  • Brand recognition /name recognition
  • A uniform system brings with it the advantages of mass purchasing power, brand identification and customer loyalty, capitalizing on the proven business format.
  • A franchiser also provides management assistance, including accounting procedures, personnel and facility management.
  • Many elements of the plan are standard operating procedures established by the franchisor.
  • The most difficult part of a new business is its start-up, since even experienced managers lack the knowledge to set up a new business.
  • Regional or national marketing done by the franchiser benefits all franchisees.
Our services Include
  • Searching the right business
  • Market Research & Feasibility studies
  • Assessing franchising opportunities
  • Franchisor Negotiations
  • Review Franchise agreement
  • Arranging meetings
  • Legal implications
  • Representing before Franchisors
  • Advertising ,marketing ,PR support events, brand building

For Existing Franchisors:

The Middle East region is one of the fastest growing franchising destinations; The region, and UAE in particular, is one of the friendliest regions with full support from the governments, attractive tax-free facilities and world class infrastructure;

Improved Intellectual Property Legislations, a high number of High Net-worth individuals and a young upwardly mobile consumer market keen on leisure, lifestyle and branded goods, make the Middle East an ideal place for franchising opportunities;

Industry estimates put the annual growth of this sector at 27 percent, currently evaluated at over US$14 billion across the region;

  • Lead generation
  • Franchise Assessment
  • Marketing strategy
  • Legal Assistance
  • Brand building
  • Advertising And Public relations
  • Representation in trade shows & seminars

Lets looks at a real world implementation, because we all like examples !

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